Painful growth robs 6-year-old Kasempa boy of childhood


A PAINFUL growth in the stomach has robbed a 6-year-old boy of Kasempa district in North-Western Province the joy of his childhood.

For over four years, Joseph Mubanga’s only activity has been to sleep in pain that is if his father is not taking him to different hospitals for treatment.

Joseph and his father Charles are currently living in a garage in Lusaka after recently being kicked out of Intercity Bus Terminus where they were sleeping, hoping to find a hospital in Lusaka.

According to Charles Mubanga, the mysterious growth first appeared when Joseph was only two years old.

Joseph’s mother had already died when the growth appeared.

Mubanga explains that the first time he took Joseph to Mukinge Hospital in Kasempa, he was told the growth was still small and no medication was given.

“After spending three months at home, the growth became big and another one developed which gave the boy sleepless nights because of the pain,” he said.

Mubanga feels that had the growth been treated Joseph first went to hospital, it would not have reached the stage it has now reached.

Mubanga further explained that he has been to hospitals in Ndola on the Copperbelt where no treatment was given to remedy his son’s condition.

This led Mubanga led to come to the University Teaching Hospital (UTH) in Lusaka.

He said the first appointment at UTH was in 2017, when he was given injections and drugs, and another appointment in 2018.

Mubanga says he has been to see doctors in different hospitals but “nothing” happens.

“During the time we came to Lusaka last September, we were spending nights at Inter-City Bus Terminus where we were recently chased and have found some garage within town where we are spending nights,” he says.

He revealed that at UTH, Joseph was given medication which he is currently taking to relieve the pain.

Mubanga says he made an attempt to seek help from the Italian hospital where he was told to pay K6,800 for an operation to be conducted on Joseph.

“I am a farmer and my wife died so I have to fend for my child. I was not able to cultivate during the past farming season because I was in UTH with my son. I just appeal to well-wishers to help me in any way possible in order for my son to get well,” he said.

Mubanga said what he currently needs was medical help for his son.

© Kalemba April 26, 2020, By Jajah Coulibaly


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