Zambian albinos living in fear of being killed


ALBINOS have continued to live in fear of being killed for their body parts, the Albino Foundation of Zambia has said.

The foundation says the increasing number of murders of people living with albinism is a source of worry and concern.

Foundation executive director John Chiti wants the perpetrators of gruesome murders of people living with albinism to found and punished.

Chiti’s comments come after members of the foundation put to rest an albino man who was found dead in the maize field with missing body parts at Yamene farms along Chipata-Lundazi road.

The victim was found with missing eyes, tongue and both arms.

After the body was picked and deposited at Chipata Central Hospital, Eastern Province police Commissioner Lackson Sakala appealed to the public would be missing their relative, to report to the police and help identify the body but it had remained unclaimed for more than two weeks.

Members of the the Zambia Albino foundation then traveled from to Chipata and buried the deceased at St. Ann’s Cemetery in Chipata.

Chiti said since his team received a report of murder, they had been working with the authority in looking for the relative of the decease but the search had proved futile.

“Despite the brutal way in which he was killed with body parts chopped off, our organization is committed to seeing that he has a decent burial and his soul be put to rest. We have taken the responsibility of burying the body as no one came to claim it, for over two weeks,” said Chiti.

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