Landlord pays K40 for sex with tenant’s wife


A LANDLORD has been dragged to court for having sex with his tenant’s wife, whom he paid K40 as an incentive for her not to reveal the secret to her husband.

Ginny Kapasa, 23, of Kuku Township, told a Chawama Local Court that her former landlord, Pemba Banda, 35, coerced her into having sex with him under the pretext that she and her husband would stay in his house for free, Sunday Daily Mail reports.

She was testifying in a matter in which her husband Kelvin Kombe, 28, sued Banda for compensation for adultery.

Banda started proposing me two weeks after we shifted from his house. He said I will not be paying rentals if l start going out with him. He followed me in the bathroom and forced himself on me when my husband was at work,” Kapasa said.

She said Banda later gave her K40 and told her not to tell her husband about their affair.

Kapasa yold the court that she only told her husband the truth when she started feeling dizzy every time she looked at Banda’s wife.

In his testimony, Kombe told the court that he only learnt about the matter a week after it happened.

My wife only told me that she had sex with Banda after she started feeling dizzy. I went to confront him about the issue but he refused and later sued my wife for defamation of character but the case was dismissed,” he said.

Kombe told the court that he took Banda to court because he was stubborn and was not apologetic.

In defence, Banda told the court that Kapasa’s allegations were unfounded.

He said he was shocked when Kombe went to his house to insult and accuse him of having sex with his wife.

“I sued Kombe’s wife because she defamed my character. The other issue is that he [Kombe] refused to pay my balance of K50 saying i was sleeping with his wife,” Banda said.

In passing judgment, magistrate Lewis Mumba upheld the claim and ordered Banda to compensate Kombe with K8000 for having sex with his wife.


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