Christians observe Palm Sunday from their homes


CHRISTIANS across the globe celebrated Palm Sunday from the confines of their homes, something never seen in recent Christian history.

The deadly novel Coronavirus has disrupted religious and social gatherings almost everywhere.

As Palm Sunday arrived, many believers relied on Radio, Television or live online feeds to celebrate the important day of their faith.

According to believers, Palm Sunday is meant to celebrate Jesus triumphant entry into Jerusalem before his reported crucification.

Believers usually observe this day with processions while carrying palm tree leaves.

Congregants move in processions from one location to another and back to their churches where mass is conducted.

Kabwe diocese Catholic Bishop Clement Mulenga led the region to celebrate the holy sacrament through a live broadcast on Power FM Radio with the gathering of only 25 people at Cathedral of the Sacred Heart of Jesus Christ.

In Kitwe, Fr Alexander Chimpusa of Sacred Heart Parish celebrated the Palm Sunday mass with handful of people who observed the social distance through the prayers and it was live streamed on Radio Icengelo Facebook page.

Other Christians leaders from both Catholic Church and Anglican church in Lusaka conducted ecumenical celebration at the Cathedral of the Holy Cross in Lusaka with less than 15 people present and it was also live on ZCCB Facebook page.

New Apostolic church Palm Sunday service was broadcasted live on ZNBC.

While those who were following from home as per Presidential directive to stay home, had their palms branches displayed at their doors and gates as they observed the important day in their homes.

Archbishop Dr Alick Banda of Lusaka had earlier indicated that Priests would celebrate Palm Sunday Mass alone minus blessing and distributing palms.

In Catholic faith, blessed palms are sacraments and the remaining branches are preserved for the following year Ash Wednesday.

Meanwhile, Kabwe Pastors Fellowship chairman Hector Sinyangwe has commended the churches for suspending the gatherings as a measure to contain the spread of COVID-19.


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