Kabwe ‘dog butcher’ goes on the run


A KABWE resident has gone on the run after he was found to be selling dog carcasses as game meat to unwitting customers.

The man is said to have been stealing dogs, slaughtering and skinning them before drying them for sale to his neighbours.

Kabwe mayor Prince Chileshe confirmed the development, saying the dog butcher has been disposing of the hapless canines’ remains in a septic tank in the town.

Some of the man’s neighbours have confirmed unknowingly sampling the dog meat.

Chileshe told an entourage inspecting the septic tank that no stone would be left unturned in finding the dog killer.

“We will work around the clock to find him and arrest him. We will do whatever it takes to protect our people from exploitation and deception,” he said.

“Where are we headed as a people? This is the same way Covid-19 started in China, eating animals such as bats.”

Chileshe also urged consumers to avoid buying meat products from questionable sources.

#CAPTION: Kabwe Mayor Prince Chileshe, in light brown jacket inspecting the septic tank where dog remains were disposed of by a resident


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