Only essential civil servants to report for work


AS ZAMBIA steps measures to curb further spread of the COVID-19, the Government is now cutting on the workforce that reports for duty in state institutions.

Currently, Zambia stands at 12 confirmed cases of the COVID-19 pandemic which has killed close to 15,000 globally.

Since breaking out last December in the Chinese Town of Wuhan, the Coronavirus has infected more than 300,000 people.

Addressing the nation this morning, President Lungu said the fight against the COVID-19 could not be won without the participation of citizens.

Now, Secretary to the cabinet Simon Miti says State institutions should submit schedules showing essential staff who would remain on duty in the wake of the dreaded global pandemic.

Miti has said the expected the schedules to be submitted to the office of the Deputy Secretary to the Cabinet in charge of administration by Wednesday.

He said institutions would also be required, on the same date, to submit schedules of non-essential staff who can be considered to report on duty on a rotational basis.

He added that the institutions should also submit schedules of staff who could work from home as well as indicate the activities to be suspended and the activities that could be continued under the pandemic.


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