‘Musadabwe’ continues to surprise


THEY are called ‘Musadabwe’, literally meaning ‘don’t be surprised’.

But whenever they put up a show, their acts are as surprising as they are entertaining.

‘Musadabwe Born to Ride’ is a group of youthful men who have been entertaining Lusaka residents with their acrobatic bicycle stunts. They however now want to make their pastime lucrative.

Group leader James Falanga says Lusaka now has many groups of riders like his and he hopes to turn this unique hobby into a competitive undertaking.

“The sport is growing. We have a lot of groups in different compounds that are getting better with practice but we don’t have the means to get together and compete. My appeal is for sponsors to come and organise a competition,” Falanga said.

He believes the sport can be grown to incorporate many young riders and help keep them away from delinquent activities.

On Sunday afternoon, Falanga and his group was at Lusaka’s Northmead Market where they performed for a cheering crowd.

Story and pictures by Salim Dawood


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