Police arrest 8 Ndola women for shouting “let’s kill them”


POLICE in Ndola on the Copperbelt have arrested eight women who harrassd two health councillors and “shouted let’s kill them.

According to a statement issued by Police spokesperson Esther Mwaata Katongo, the eight women have been charged with Proposing Violence.

Katongo explained that around 11:00 hours on Friday, two Health Councillors for USAID Discover Health were on duty in Masala area where they followed their client who had stopped taking HIV drugs.

As the two were going about their business, they saw a group of people which started accusing them to be behind chemical spraying in the area and their client was also among and in support of the mob.

“The two health councillors were harassed and some shouted that they be killed. Police were informed and rushed to the scene and found the two Health Councillors at Masala clinic surrounded by a mob of women,” Katongo told #Kalemba in a statement.

She said police managed to rescue the victims and apprehended eight suspects.

Among those arrested are Miriam Bwembya, 32 years, Doreen Lumbeta, 23 years, Miriam Kasongo, 23 years, Virginia Chilufya, 29 years and Christine Soko, 60 years.

Others are Martha Chenda, 25 years, Emelda Chilufya, 30 years and Alice Mbasela, 21 years all of Masala township in Ndola.

“They have been charged with Proposing Violence and will appear in court on Tuesday,” stated Katongo.


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