Police announce more deaths at the hands of mobs


POLICE has announced the death of three more people at the hands of mobs who have resorted to to killing people they suspect to be gassers.

Yesterday, Inspector General of Police Kakoma Kanganja said 43 people had been killed while 23 had been injured by mobs in different parts of the country.

Kanganja said five people who had been identified as ring leaders in some of the mobs had been arrested by police.

In a statement this morning, Police spokesperson Esther Mwaata revealed that an unknown male person had been murdered by a mob in Mapanza area of Choma District of Southern Province on suspicion of chemical substance spraying.

Katongo said the mob further damaged Dundwa Police Post in area in the violence that which took place on Friday evening 21:00 hours and 22:30 hours in Mapanza of Choma District adding the office block suffered broken doors, damaged verandah roof and broken window panes.

“In another development, Two unknown persons have been murdered by a mob on suspicion of chemical spraying. This occurred yesterday 22nd February, 2020 around 06:00 hours in Chilanga. The bodies of the deceased were found by a member of the public along RP3 road in Chilanga with multiple injuries and were partially burnt. One of the bodies was found naked,” Katongo told #Kalemba in statement.

Another mob victim was killed in Kaoma on the same suspicion around 21:00 hours on Friday night and police arrested three people in connection to the death of the 54-year-old man.


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