DMMU officers seek police protection against mobs


FEARFUL of being lynched and possibly killed by mobs on suspicion of being Gassers, Disaster Management and Mitigation Unit (DMMU) staff are now moving under police guard.

DMMU officers are carrying out rapid assessment of floods in Kanyama compound.

DMMU public relations Rachael Chama says DMMU officers accompanied by Zambia police have embarked on the “Rapid Assessment” exercise that aimed at ascertaining the extent of the floods for possible mitigation measures in the area.

Chama said for fear of prevailing situation of mob mistaken innocent people to be Gassers, the DMMU have included the police officers to provide security to the officers in the field.

She explained that police presence had helped the DMMU Rapid Assessment exercise to move without disturbances.

“The information being obtained will be used in finding lasting solutions to the flooding situation in Kanyama and other area. The office of the vice president want to put a control on the issue of floods in Kanyama once and for all,” Chama said.

“It’s a three day program which started today. We included the police because of the prevailing situation were our officers maybe mistaken for gassers.

Mobs around the country have killed close to 50 people and injured 23 people police say are innocent on suspicion of being Gassers.


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