Stop the mob killings and damaging police property, Kambwili begs mobs


NDC PRESIDENT Chishimba Kambwili has pleaded with Zambians to stop mob killings and damaging police property in the wake of gas attacks which have rocked the country.

Over the past week mobs in different parts of the country have attacked and killed more than 20 people on suspicion that they are gassers.

The mobs have also damaged police property including buildings and vehicles.

Reports of gassing attacks have spread to several parts of the country after first appearing in Chingola on the Copperbelt about a month ago.

The gassing attacks have instilled fear in citizens who have resorted to killing suspects through murderous mobs.

Former Local Government Ministry permanent secretary Timothy Hakuyu along with two of his colleagues are amongst the latest victims of the mobs.

These mobs are now a source of concern and worry for many citizens.

Kambwili added his voice of disapproval of mobs through a Facebook posting this evening.

“I plead with you this evening to please desist from taking the law into your own hands. Look these MOB injustices have claimed more innocent deaths than the actual gassing perpetuators. It is wrong for us to adopt the role of God and end a mans life over a suspicion,” he wrote.

“My heart bleeds, I beg you in the name of God let the police do their work, don’t damage public property because that is property that belongs to you the tax payer. Stop this MOB Injustice it’s wrong.”


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