Church announces 3-day anti-gassing prayers as gassers torment Zambians


AS GASSERS continue to elude police capture while gassing and causing fear amongst Zambians, the church has has announced a three-day prayer vigil against the criminals.

During a press briefing at the Cathedral of the Holy Cross in Lusaka morning, Bishop Paul Mususu expressed regret that people had lost lives over what he termed “awkward activities of criminals who are gassing people.”

Bishop Mususu who is Evangelical Fellowship of Zambia executive director (EFZ) described the church as a “salt of earth” was stepping in to seek God’s interventions on gassing terror in Zambia.

He said said it was unacceptable for people to live in fear and anxiety of unknown in a Christian nation.

“People have been beaten to death by instant justice mobs for mere suspicious. This confusion has been resulted into sporadic riots in some parts of the country where this events undermine the rule of law. These happenings are unacceptable in Zambia, a Christian nation whose values include justice, human dignity, love, respect integrity, forgiveness. To mention but a few,” he said.

Bishop Mususu said during the prayers and fasting, church leaders would sensitise and raise awareness among citizens on they could respond to the situation of gassing.

He urged all Zambians to refrain from all forms of violence and hate saying government was making efforts to calm the situation.

“It is for the above given reason that we announce prayer and fasting will be held with effect from Thursday 20th February, 2020 to Saturday 22nd February, 2020. These prayers will be conducted at family level, community level in designated areas, including individual churches. These will be conducted on Saturday 22nd February, 2020 at the Cathedral of the Holy Cross,” said Bishop Mususu.

Other church leader present at the briefing were Independent Church of Zambia (ICOZ) president Bishop David Masupa, Bishop Mfula and Catholic priest father Laston Lupupa.


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