I know the gassing masterminders, claims GBM


    PF national mobilisation deputy chairperson, Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba claims he knows the gassing masterminders and will report them to the police.

    For over a month now, criminals having been gassing people in their homes or schools in different parts of the country but police have not managed to find and arrest them.

    Last week, President Edgar Lungu offered a K250,000 reward for any person with information that would lead to the arrest of gassing masterminds.

    Mwamba widely known as GBM claimed in an interview with the Daily Nation Newspaper Nation that the plan started five years ago.

    “I have the names of the suspects which i will give to the police and the President. The plans of what is happening now started five years ago,” he said.

    And during the PF media interactive forum, Mwamba who is populary known as GBM said the gassing issue was a source of concern because the character behind it wanted to dent the country’s good reputation.

    “There are certain characters who want to paint a bad picture of this country. I have information on certain characters which l will share in confidence with security wings,” he said.

    He said the characters would soon be nabbed and needed to be given stiffer punishment.

    Asked what had changed and why he called PF a party of thieves, Mwamba said he didn’t mean it as he was just politicking to gain political mileage while he was in the UPND.

    “When you are in the opposition, you don’t say anything good about the ruling party. So, l didn’t mean it. I was politicking for popularity. Deep down my heart, l knew that PF had done a lot in terms of infrastructure development,” Mwamba said.

    Mwamba said he was used by the UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema whom he accused of being stingy man.

    He said the only thing he learnt in UPND was to hate people, while in PF under President Lungu, he is taught to love people.

    Mwamba further said he was ready to accept any position if he was to be appointed by President Lungu to serve the country.


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