GASSING UNREST: Army steps in


ZAMBIA Army has been deployed to help restore order and peace in the capital city, Lusaka, Miles Sampa has announced.

The Mayor made the announcement on his Facebook page this evening.

Sampa’s post announcing the development was accompanied by a video showing a convoy of military vans driving past the Kafue Round About in the Central Business District.

Unrest sparked by incidents of gassing have led to mobs killing six people in different compounds in Lusaka.

Today, thehe capital city awoke to riots in Kanyama, Chawama Chaisa and John Howard.

In Kanyama rioters damaged police property including a part new station, a house and a van. Officers were also injured.

Later in the afternoon, a 14-year-old of Luangwa township was arrested by police after he was caught spraying chemicals at Northmead Basic School, four pupils were rushed to the hospital afterwards.

MTN offices in Roma were also evacuated after unknown people poured a chemical police say smelt like petrol.

The gassing incidents started in Chingola on the Copperbelt before spreading to Ndola, Northwestern Province and now in Lusaka.

The incidents have caused panic among citizens who feel police are not enough to curb the incidents.

But police say the are doing all they can to arrest the criminals behind the crimes and have since appealed to citizens to take the law in their own hands.


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