Dumped for failing to meet sexual needs


A THIRTY-FIVE YEAR-OLD man of Mandevu has been dumped for failure to live up to his wife’s demands for sex.

Patrick Mulela told the Matero local court that his wife, Febbie Mulela, 27, told him that she cannot stay for two days without sex, reports Zambia Daily Mail.

He said she has lost interest in him because he fails to meet her sexual demands.

Patrick was testifying in a matter in which his wife has sued him for divorce.

The couple got married in 2008 and has three children.

” I took her to my parents’ house because things were not okay with me. I was looking for a job. She told me that she cannot manage to live there because she wants sex every after two days,” he said.

Patrick said Febbie started giving him an attitude after he failed to meet her sexual demands.

He told the court that his wife became so emotional and would react even on small issues.

“Last time i found her shaved, when i tried to enquire she got upset and started shouting at me,” Patrick said.

And Febbie, in her testimony, told the court that her husband is irresponsible and does not support his family.

She said her husband drinks heavily to the extent that he bed wets most of the times.

“Our families have on several occasions tried to counsel him to stop drinking but he has refused to change. I have never been happy in my marriage from inception,” Febbie said.

She told the court that Patrick at one time deserted her when the couple was living at a farm in 10 Miles area.

Febbie wondered why her husband invited her to come to Lusaka and make her live at his parents’ house.

She said she has lost interest in her husband and no longer wants to be with him.

In passing judgment magistrate Pauline Newa granted the couple divorce on grounds that there is lack of love and commitment in the marriage.

Patrick was ordered to compensate Febbie with K7,000 and start maintaining his child with K500 monthly.



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