‘Zambia Twins’ gathering set for August


A MASS gathering of twins, triplets and multiples in Zambia is scheduled to be held this August.

A first of its kind, the gathering is being organised by Noel and Joel Mwanza under the Twins Plus Foundation.

The 25-year-old twin brothers are familiar faces on television with their youth advocacy and acts of charity.

“Our goal is to mobilise Twins, Triplets, Quadruplets and Multi Birth across Zambia to champion positive changes, helping and impacting society through the foundation and to connect twins with the corporate world to impact change,” Joel told Kalemba.

He said the foundation was “calling upon your attention and effort to push for what we would call Twins Day which can be held annually on August, to celebrate biological twins (and other multiples, e.g. triplets, quads).”

He said the event had been timed to take place during the holidays to allow those in school to attend the festival.

“It will be the largest annual gathering of twins in Zambia and will also be inviting other twins from different countries,” he said.

Joel said as a build-up to the event, he and Noel had been invited to feature on ‘The Costa Show’ hosted by Diamond TV chief executive officer Costa Mwansa next Wednesday.

“The show will be the key to sell twins to the corporate world and the Zambia Twins National Festival ahead on August 22, 2020 in Lusaka. We, therefore, advise all twins to bring ideas on how best as an organisation we spend the day after the show,” explained Joel.


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