Children fathered by catholic priests are everywhere – Milingo


    EMMANUEL Milingo, the excommunicated Roman Catholic priest who caused controversy decades ago for his decision to marry has expressed regret at not having children.

    In 2005, Milingo, who had become famous for his exorcism ministry, astonished the world when he broke the celbacy law and married Dr Maria Sung, a Korean woman linked to Reverend Moon of the Unification Church.

    He was 76 then.

    In an interview with the Zambia Daily Mail at his farm in Lusaka, where he lives with his wife, Milingo, who is now 90 said: “What l would have done differently is to have children. I think my decision to introduce the married priests came late. I wish l did it earlier.”

    “I wish l had started the married priest campaigns early. So if l were to go back, I would start early,” he said, when asked what he would differently given a chance.

    Milingo said he wants to be remembered as a person who brought change to what everyone in the Catholic Church has kept as true and yet no scripture supports it.”

    “Even in our Catholic doctrine, it’s not written anywhere that priests should not marry,” he said.

    Milingo said he is proud of the change he brought to the priesthood.

    There is a raging debate within the Catholic Church about whether or not to church should allow married priests in the church.

    “We now have a lot married priests, a thing that came after l took the courage to start the change,” said Milingo.

    He said it is no secret that the “promiscuity among those practicing celibacy is high.”

    “Children fathered by our Catholic priests are everywhere,” he said.

    He added: “But I still feel proud of myself because l didn’t pretend like others do.”


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