Shock in Nakonde as mysterious clothes “dress” widow’s house


RESIDENTS of Chiyanga village in Nakonde district threatened to burn to death a 66-year-old woman after a large heap of clothes came out of her house.

This happened last week Wednesday when her husband died after a long illness.

Photos of children and adults clothes, some of them not for her relatives, were also found.

Eunice Kalunga told Chete FM news that she used to work as a maid in Tanzania where they used to give her clothes as payment.

Kalunga and her late husband are said to have been married for 30 years but had no children.

“They started hitting me with bricks and shovels while telling me to follow my late husband whom they called a wizard,” Kalunga narrated.

She was rescued by the village secretary before police arrived.

“There were people all over my house as they took some clothes even those belonging to my husband,” she added.

Last Friday morning, Nakonde District Commissioner Field Simwinga went to calm the angry crowd.

Simwinga advised them to allow the bereaved mourn her husband.

Police who estimated the clothes to weigh about a ton have been on the ground to ensure Kalunga’s safety.

Chiyanga village secretary Eston Sinyinza told Chete FM news that the village committee has found no evidence of witchcraft based on what has come out of the house.

How long the clothes had been in the house and when she started collecting them remains unknown as she plans to leave for the Copperbelt where she comes from.

She fears staying puts her life at risk of death.


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