Lusaka boy admits to photoshoping Lungu in “toilet” position


A 16-YEAR-old boy of Lusaka’s Garden Chilulu area has appeared in the Lusaka Magistrates’ Court charged with defamation of President Edgar Lungu.

The juvenile readily admitted the charge but said he did not know what he was doing.

Owing to the boy’s defensive statement that he didn’t know what he was doing upon being asked why he uploaded a graphic picture which would bring the Head of State into ridicule, Magistrate Albert Mwaba entered an equivocal plea(not guilty).

It is alleged that the 16-year-old named pupil on December 2, 2019 with intent to bring the President into hatred or ridicule unlawfully published a defamatory image of President Lungu in a shitting position on his facebook page.

During plea, the juvenile admitted the charge.

Magistrate Mwaba asked the Juvenile why he published the defamatory image, the juvenile claimed he did not know what he was doing.

Asked further if he had any intentions of bringing the President’s name into ridicule or disrepute, the juvenile denied saying he just uploaded the picture on his profile.

Magistrate Mwaba then entered an unequivocal plea and adjourned the matter to January 14.


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