I will definitely win 2021 presidential election, insists Harry Kalaba


    DEMOCRATIC Party president Harry Kalaba has insisted that come August 2021, he will be the one to be sworn in as republican president.

    The former foreign affairs minister made the remarks during a press briefing at his party’s headquarters in Lusaka this afternoon.

    Today marks two years since Kalaba resigned his government position citing corruption and mismanagement.

    After a frosty relationship with the PF following his resignation, Kalaba was expelled from the ruling party last April.

    After the expulsion, Kalaba also resigned as Bahati Constituency member of parlaiment upon which he installed himself as Democratic Party president.

    Kalaba has been on a countrywide mobilisation campaign insisting that he is the next president of Zambia.

    He says the Democratic Party has enough support from all parts of the country to win the 2021 vote.

    “There are those who say Harry Kalaba cannot win because he has not lost an election before but where is it written that unless you lose an election that is when you can become president, we are going to win the elections and mark my words today,” a confident Kalaba told journalists.

    “Keep this video, the person you are looking at is the one that going to lift the bible next year as the seventh president of Zambia, he said.

    He added saying: “It’s a fact, it’s going to be that way.” Sending his supporters into applause.

    Kalaba says the PF had failed to improve the lives of Zambians and needed to be kicked out of office.

    The 43-year-old says Zambians have accepted him as the only alternative.

    Those close to Kalaba say, the former minister draws part of his confidence to win the 2021 election from a prediction made by popular Malawian pastor Shepard Bushiri.

    According to Bushiri’s predication, Kalaba will win the 2021 presidential election.


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