3 Zambians in Chinese jail ask government to facilitate prison swap


THREE Zambian women serving life sentences in the Chinese prison have appealed to President Edgar Lungu and the Home affairs Minister Stephen Kampyongo facilitate prison swap.

The three women, two serving life sentences, and one due to be released in the next two years, urged government to facilitate prison swap so that they could be near their families in Zambia.

Speaking when Consul General in China Daniel Chisenga visited them at the Guangdong prison, the trio said they were ready to serve their sentences in Zambia.

This is according to a statement from Chisenga after he visited the Zambian prisoners as part of his festival season to remember the ‘unforgotten’ members of the citizenry.

Chisenga stated that he did so by scheduling a visit to Zambian women who have been imprisoned in Guangdong, China.

The prisoners were gifted with Zambian books, newspapers and goodwill messages from President Edgar Lungu, as well as from their families.

Chisenga sated that the prisoners were all in high spirit and prayed that their families should communicate with them more often as they miss them so much.

The trio also asked for their families’ pictures.

He further said that the trio assured him that they were ready to serve their sentences in Zambia.

“They dropped to their knees and asked that President Lungu and home affairs minister facilitate prison swap. That way, they shall be close to their families. They highly expressed remorse for the shame they brought to the country and promised to change for the better and become more compliant citizens,” said Chisenga.


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