Religious minister bans Facebook page on ‘BEDROOM TALK’


NATIONAL Guidance and Religious Affairs Minister Godfridah Sumaili has ordered the immediate removal of a social media page commonly known as ‘Bedroom Talk and Solving Marriage Issues’ due to its immoral character.

Reverend Sumaili castigated online traditional marriage counsellors for flooding the internet with marital teachings.

Lately social media has been awash with videos and pictures of traditional marriage counsellors commonly known as ‘Alangizi’ demonstrating alleged bedroom gymnastics and recruitment of people to their respective social media groups.

Rev Sumaili said the trend was immoral and should never be entertained because pre and post marital counselling was a preserve of married people or those intending to wed.

She said the Bible clearly states that older women should be responsible and be able to pass on good morals to the younger generation.

“The Bible in Titus 2:3 says: “Likewise, teach the older women to be reverent in the way they live, not to be slanderers or addicted to too
much wine, but to teach what is good, she said.

Speaking to Sunday Times during the week, the minister said a marriage bed was private and sacred and it was shameful for older women to display matrimonial secrets in public.

Rev Sumaill questioned the moral standing of the women at the centre of controversy and what they aimed to benefit.
She said those women were not genuine marriage counsellors because according to tradition, those teachings were sacred and should never be taught to anyone not ripe for marriage.

“Genuine traditional counsellors don’t display their teachings in public because they understand that it is culturally wrong to do so,”

One of the qualifications of a marriage counsellor was to understand the confidentiality and privacy of their job.

Rev Sumaili warned that she would follow-up and bring to book those desecrating the marriage bed.

“The country was working at improving values and morals of society and therefore such people should not be left to continue corrupting morals of our children,” she said.

Meanwhile Diana Banda, a traditional marriage counselor said it was embarrassing to see older women disgracing themselves in public.
She said according to tradition, it was taboo for any woman to display those dances in public much worse teach them to younger ones on social media while the whole world was watching.

“Let it be a criminal offence for one to post anything that corrupt people’s morals. I challenge the police to investigate such issues and bring culprits to book,” she said.

Another Alangizi Ruth Nanyangwe called on the women movement to advocate for the regulation of the practice.


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