Arrest Kaizar Zulu wherever you see him, Masumba asks Zambians


    STEVEN Masumba has asked every Zambian to effect a citizen arrest on Kaizar Zulu wherever he will be seen and hand him over to the police.

    The Mast Newspaper reports that President Edgar on Friday replaced his deliquent special advisor for politics Kaizar Zulu with a university lecturer Chris Zumani Zimba.

    Since his appointment, Zulu has made headlines for violence ranging from shooting at people, beating women burning people’s houses among other anti-social acts.

    Owing to his position however, Police Zulu have not booked him for any of the offences.

    The news of Zulu’s replacement was met with massive celebration accross the country.

    In an interview to celebrate Zulu’s exit from office of political advisor to the President, Masumba said the move had not only done justice to the presidency but to the Zambian people as well.

    “The PF are very happy, how I wish that you were part of the PF blogs so that you can see the celebrations. If Kaizar Zulu was a good person, I don’t think there would be this kind of celebrations from everyone. How I wish The Mast can be brave enough to report that the PF including Masumba himself are celebrating the news that Kaizar has been fired,” said the former PF Mufumbwe Constituency member of parlaiment.

    Masumba who is also deputy chairperson for the election committee of PF said, “I am glad that President Lungu has actually made this timely and wise decision.”

    “All kudos and Congratulations to President Lungu for arriving at such a wise decision like this one,” Masumba added.

    He insisted that Zulu was painting a bad picture of the presidency with his deliquent behavior which constantly earned him news headlines.
    Masumba said complained that instead of Zulu helping to relieve the suffering of Zambians with his position, he chose to torment them with his violence.

    “I thought with that position Kaizar Zulu had, he should have used it in a wiser way to help those that are having challenges as regards to vulnerability, poverty than crucifying the same people, killing the same people, breaking the necks of the same people who are supposed to vote for his boss. Kaizar Zulu was doing a great injustice to the presidency,” Masumba said.

    He also urged youths to be courageous and speak against wrongs instead of cheering people leaders who were creating injustice.
    “I am encouraging the youths of today that we need to be courageous. Let us speak for general citizenry. Let us be patriotic, let us be just. Let us not be clapping for leaders that we know are doing injustice to this country,” Masumba said.

    Masumba revealed after issuing a comment against Zulu about three weeks ago, some terrified youths even called him to find out how he intended to remain safe afterwards.
    But Masumba said he had nothing to fear to because he had not committed any atrocities against anyone.

    He also took a swipe at police for not taking action against Zulu despite the numerous reports against him.
    “The police must be professional in the way they execute duties. You will now see how the police will descend on Kaizar Zulu to do what they were failing to do all this time. What kind of police are they,?” he asked.

    Masumba said the law must be blind to the positions of those who came in conflict with it and deal with lawbreakers the same way.

    Masumba said he now expected the police to move in and deal with all the criminal activities for which Zulu had been reported.

    “I am calling upon all Zambian citizens that wherever we see Kaizar, let us arrest him because the police are claiming he has been running away from them. So wherever he is, let us arrest Kaizar Zulu. Let us do justice to our own country by ensuring that we are arrest Kaizar wherever he will be seen and him over to the police,” Masumba said.


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