Police detain Kapiri Bishop for swindling 100 people


POLICE in Kapiri Mposhi have detained two clerics, one of them a bishop, said to have
obtained money from more than 100 people after promising them mealie meal and fertiliser.

According to The Times of Zambia, victims described by police as mostly old people and vulnerable, are said to have lost tens of thousands of Kwacha in the scam.

Apart from paying membership fees of K100 each to be able to qualify for mealie meal and fertiliser they were then asked to pay amounts ranging between K50 and K1,000, depending on the number of bags of fertiliser or mealie meal one wanted.

Central Province Police Commissioner Chola Katanga said the duo, a Bishop Geoffrey Mulenga, described as president of Fellowship of Affiliated Churches in Lusaka and a Lazarus Mwansa, chairperson for the Central region of the same organisation, are accused of obtaining money from vulnerable and aged people in Kapiri Mposhi.

Katanga said the two promised to provide mealie meal and fertiliser to the scores of people they took money from but not a grain of either had been delivered to the would-be beneficiaries.

“They ( vulnerable and aged people) were paying money depending on the number of bags one wanted,” he said.

The majority of the victims are said to be from Kawama township within Kapiri Mposhi.
“We received numerous reports of obtaining money by false pretences.

The people complained that Bishop Mulenga and his Central Province chairperson Lazarus Mwansa obtained money from them but failed to provide the mealie meal and fertiliser,” he said.

He said the two had been detained at Kapiri Mposhi Police Station.


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