Move to countries that tolerate homosexuality if you want to be gay – Government

Former Foreign Affairs Minister Joe Malanji

FOREIGN Affairs minister Joe Malanji has advised Zambians who wish to engage in gay sex to shift to countries where homosexuality is tolerated.

Malanji was speaking in press briefing at his office in Lusaka this morning.

The minister was reacting to remarks by United States Ambassador to Zambia Daniel Foote that Zambia should consider doing away with its “outdated” laws on homosexuality.

Foote was displeased with jailing of two gay men of Kapiri Mposhi.

“Those who want to enjoy sex between men and men, if at all they find it enjoyable, must go to those countries where its enjoyeable and tolerated,” Malanji said.

According Foote, it is inconceivable that two men can be sentenced to 15 years imprisonment for having a consensual relationship, which does not hurt anyone, while government officials can steal millions of public funds without consequences.


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