Men sucking breast can reduce breast cancer


By Dr Aaron Mujajati

I HAVE read and listened to a number of experts champion the notion that sucking a woman’s breasts frequently can lower the risk of breast cancer. Can it? Well supporters of this notion observed that in communities where mothers breastfed children longer there was a significantly lower frequency of breast cancer compared to those that did not breastfeed their babies.

There is another school of thought that is opposed to this idea on the premise that primary prevention of breast cancer has not yet been established. They also argue that the act of sucking breasts has no logical or plausible physiological basis for this benefit to be explainable. The issue is, is there a hormone or chemical that breast sucking produces that helps with preventing cancer? If so, what substance is this? Since there are no clear answers to these and other questions the idea keeps getting rejected.

Therefore the long held breast cancer prevention methods such as self breast examinations and regular breast checks by your doctor are still strongly recommended by most experts including myself.

In my opinion, if there is anything that can be done to lower the risk of breast cancer then that intervention ought to be given a try provided the intervention does not cause harm. The jury is still out on this one. However, if it is in your nature to desire to go to any length to contribute to lowering breast cancer in your woman then do as others have advocated. Suck the breasts. Top of the morning to you all.


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