Mothers sharing beds at Chawama Hospital


CHAWAMA Level One Hospital has 14 beds in the postnatal room, forcing mothers to share the available bed spaces.

Nursing officer Idah Zulu said this on Saturday when she received a donation of 54 pillows and 10 BP machines worth k15,000 for the maternity wing, from the Lions club of Mulungushi.

Zulu said on average 26 patients pass through the ward in a day, adding that mothers who have delivered share beds and that the hospital discharges patients twice a day to create room for others.

She appealed to the organization to donate beds and linen.

Zulu commended the club for it’s continued support to the hospital, specifically the maternity wing, which has been facing a number of challenges.

She said the hospital has been having critical cases of BP and she commended the organization for coming to the institution’s aid.

“We only had one BP machine against maybe 26 mothers. How can we manage to use it on all of them at once, because we need to monitor when a mother comes out of delivery?

“What they have done will help the hospital to run smoothly in it’s operations. Since they started visiting the hospital to make various donations in the labour ward, we have greatly improved,” Zulu said.

Credit: Zambia Daily Mail


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