Lungu is not a juju man – Kamba


PRESIDENT Edgar Lungu is a dedicated Christian who can never resort to juju or charms to win an election, Kennedy Kamba has declared.

The Patriotic Front (PF) Lusaka Province secretary says Zambians love President Lungu and will retain him as Head of State in 2021 “based on his udoubted commitment and sacrifice for this country.”

Kamba made the remarks in defense of President Lungu after Chishimba Kambwili said no amount of juju or charms would save the Head of State from exiting State House after the 2021 elections.

Kambwili, leader of the banned National Democratic Congress (NDC) made the remarks after appearing in the Lusaka Magistrates’ Court last week for one of his numerous cases.

Kamba said being vulgar and always trying to malign President Lungu would do little to earn Kambwili any form of political mileage because Zambians knew “their President very well and they love him.”

“We once again urge Chishimba Kambwili to tame his tongue and begin to be logical in his politics and general discourse on various matters,” Kamba stated.

He said it was ridiculous and unacceptable for Kambwili to begin to insinuate that “There is no amount of charms at State House will stop the change.”

“Let me state from the onset that Zambians themselves, all well meaning citizens of this country know President Lungu. They know their leader is a dedicated Christian who loves God, they know he works hard, they how much of a patriot he is and how much he wants all of us to unite and tackle the challenges this country is facing as one united force,” Kamba stated.

“Trying to insinuate that there are charms or juju being practiced at State House is ridiculous and a sheer waste of time and energy,” he added.

Kamba urged Zambians never to pay attention to Kambwili’s “useless machinations because there is no value.”

“The kind of politics, the kind of hate being exhibited by Mr. Kambwili leaves much to be desired. Maligning President Lungu and his presidential affairs minister Freedom Sikazwe will not win Mr. Kambwili any votes. If he is a real politician who means well for this country, he must not talk about valueless and unsubstantiated things,” Kamba stated.

“We expect Mr. Kambwili to stop hallucinating, to sober up, stop the hate and focus on clearing himself before the courts of law on corruption allegations,” Kamba stated further.

He said that Kambwili should know that politics in Zambia had evolved.

“President Lungu is loved by Zambians based on his undoubted commitment and sacrifice. He is loved by Zambians because of his commitment to Christian values and Biblical principles. Our Republican President is a committed Christian who does not deserve the kind of insinuations and allegations of charms and other baseless and useless things Mr. Kambwili is talking about,” he said.

He said Zambia needed sober minded opposition and not bitter individuals who were breathing negative energy all the time without adding value to anything pertaining to good governance.

Kamba said the prophets of doom such as Kambwili should know that “Zambians love their President and he will win the 2021 elections based on his udoubted commitment and sacrifice for this country.”


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