Jouranalist reports MMD cadres to police for threats, harassment


JOURNALIST Arthur Davies Sikopo has reported MMD cadres to Woodlands Police Station in Lusaka for threats and harassment.

After covering a press briefing addressed by the party’s president Dr Nevers Mumba, Sikopo was accosted by cadres who attempted to drag him out for unknown reasons.

The Breeze FM reporter, however acted quickly and ran to where Dr Mumba was standing and reported the cadres.

Dr Mumba and other party officials assured Sikopo that he was safe and welcome to cover the MMD any time.

But as he headed out of the premises of the party headquarters in Lusaka’s Kabulonga area, the cadres charged at him again warning him that they would “sort him out” wherever they found him alone.

Fearing to be attacked, Sikopo reminded holed in a hidden corner within the party offices until he was whisked out in a vehicle by fellow journalists.

Sikopo confirmed that he has since reported the matter to Woodlands Police Station.

Sikopo said he was shocked by the behavior of the cadres saying he did not understand the reason.

“Honestly, to my Knowledge I have no idea. At least if they could have given me a hint, I would appreciate and understand their wanting to lynch me and could have apologized or offered some defence,” he said.

Sikopo said all the cadres said as they attacked him was: “you know what you have done.”

The scribe said he found unfortunate that Dr Mumba and and his team underplayed the attack.

“The best he and his Team should have done was to call all the cadres that harassed me in his presence to inquire what the issue was and scold at them for exhibiting such uncivilized and dangerous acts on a unarmed and defenceless Journalist,” he said.


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