Tukuta lies to followers


THE war for social media popularity can drive people to extremes just so that they can get likes and traffic to their pages.

The latest victim of this desperation for ‘likes’ and ‘wows’ is controversial socialite who presents himself as an award-winning photographer.

The ‘photographer’s’ latest gaffe is his claim which has garnered over a thousand congratulations that he has won the little-known Photographers World Cup as Best Photographer Southern Africa.

Chellah has fed this cow dropping claim to his loyal fans despite him not even being an entrant to the competition and, would you believe, no one from Africa has entered the competition at all!

This brazen cock and bull story is also made worse by the fact that the winners of the real competition will only be announced in April 2021 with the finalists being from Americas (21), Europe (18) and Oceania (2).

This latest chicken chased a lion tale by Tukuta is not the first as he has also claimed to be a CNN Award Winning photographer and severa other accolades.

©Kalemba March 13, 2021


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