Formidable team of council police ready to close bars, casinos


THE Lusaka City Council (LCC) says it has assembled a “formidable 20-man team” of council police officers to enforce the presidential directive to close, night clubs, bars, cinemas and casinos.

The council’s public relations manager George Sichimba announced in a statement to #Kalemba that all logistical requirements were in place to start enforcing the Presidential to close bars, night clubs, cinemas, gyms and casinos to halt the spread of the Coronavirus.

As of today, March 26,200 a total of 488,262 people have been infected by the Coronavirus worldwide.

Of the infected in 198 countries and territories, 22,065 have died while 117,607 have recovered.

Italy leads the Coronavirus death toll with 7,503 dead while Spain is in second place with 4,089 deaths and China from where the virus started stands at 3287 deaths.

Zambia recorded 16 cases with no fatalities.

On Wednesday, President Edgar declared that Zambia was at war with the COVID-19 which has claimed the lives of close to 20 thousand people worldwide.

“The Council has assembled a formidable 20 – man team of Council police officers who will work with State police and Public Health Inspectors to enforce the directive. The combined team will swing into action at exactly midnight tonight when the directive comes into force,”

“LCC therefore, wishes to advise operators of the affected business establishments and patrons to abide by the the Presidential directive to avoid inconveniences. This is not the time for operators and patrons to engage in running battles with law enforcers over there own safety, that of their families and the country as whole,” he added

He said the council was fully aware aware of the tricks some operators might employ such as locking patrons inside the premises or creating hideouts for patrons in backyards to deceive law enforcers.

“The friendly advise is that the team will not leave any stone un turned to make sure that there is compliance because Corinavirus pandemic is a serious threat to human life. These measures are not meant to punish anyone buy to protect Zambians from contracting and spreading the disease,” he said.

Sichimba warned that LCC would also monitor closely public gatherings such as conferences, weddings, funerals and festivals taking place within the city boundaries to ensure compliance on the recommended number of attendees and other public health guidelines.

“Restaurant operators in the city are also reminded to prepare themselves to start operating on a take away and delivery basis,” said Sichimba.


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