Police arrest pastor for claiming dead Kafue woman is still alive


POLICE have arrested a Kabwe pastor who claimed to have resurrected a woman of Kafue who died and was buried in September last year.

According to Kafue Times, 45-year-old Angel Sakala of unknown House number in Highridge, Kabwe has been arrested and charged by Police with Conduct likely to cause breach of peace and is currently detained at Shikoswe Police Post awaiting Count appearance.

“It’s true Pastor Sakala of Pentecost Miracle Church has been arrested for allegedly conduct likely to cause breach of peace. This is after the pastor claimed that he had raised a dead woman who died last year and the community flocked in numbers to the house where the same woman was believed to have been kept,” Kafue Times quoted a police source.

But one of the relative to the deceased who sought anonymity told Kafue Times that the resurrection story was fake. She disputed claims made by some people that Pastor Sakala had raised their relative from the dead.

“The truth of the matter is that, we lost our sister late last year who left behind a child, so this child has had been having attacks at night and that is how we sought the help of Pastor Sakala who came to pray for her. It was whilst conducting these prayers that Pastor Sakala revealed to us that the mother to the child (our late sister) was in fact not dead but was alive in Zambia Compound. So we arranged for transport and the pastor and some relatives went to ZC to pick her but unfortunately she was not found and they came back. When the people who had gotten the story saw the vehicle coming back from ZC, the started spreading rumours that our sister has been resurrected and that is how big crowds of people from all over Kafue started flocking to our house to see the woman who was believed to have resurrected.” The family source said.


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