Nyimba “ritualists” kill 39-year-old albino man


UNKNOWN people have murdered a 39-year-old albino man in Nyimba district of Eastern Province.

According to Zambia Police spokesperson Esther Mwata Katongo, assailants attacked Gift Tembo while he slept outside his thatched house on Thursday around 01:00 hours.

“The deceased was attacked while he was sleeping outside his grass thatched house and in the process his throat was completely cut and was stabbed twice on the left side of the chest,” Katongo told #Kalemba in a statement.

She said after stabbing Tembo, the attackers carried his body but were forced to abandon it about 20 meters from the scene of the attack after they were pursued by members of the village who heard the Tembo shouting for help before he died.

The incident happened at Abraham village in Chief Ndake’s area.

“Investigations have been launched and one person whose names have been withheld has been picked in connection with the murder and is detained in police custody,” revealed Katongo.

Superstitious beliefs that body parts of Albinos could be used for enrichment charms have have turned Albinos into victims of brutal murders in several African countries.


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