Chilangamililo feast in Sunda Station

Don Mwenda with fiancee Tsepa during Chilanga Mulilo ceremony in Kabwe

THE ablution town of Kabwe was on Saturday afternoon a hive of activity as citizens from nearby towns trooped in, not just for a few minutes to empty their bladders and continue with their journeys but to eat and drink in celebration of an imminent marriage involving a prominent youth, Don Mwenda.

Born and bred in the provincial capital of Central Province, Mwenda is set to be rescued from the shackles of bachelorhood by Tsepo Mataa, a magnanimous and elegant lady from within the town.

And so the guests, all of who are connected to Mwenda in some way turned up to see with their own eyes, what kind of meals he will be treated to once married.

But at the sight of the dishes of food, joy overtook everyone and soon their was competition to empty hands and pockets.

With sweltering heat scorching Kabwe town, the guests had strange handkerchiefs – bundles of K100 notes.

In the end, the bringing party was just a happy as their hosts as Copperbelt and Lusaka residents attempted to outdo each other in raining K100 notes on the event while those from Kabwe supported with K5 demonations and coins.

The youthful couple of Mwenda and Tsepo are set to come together in matrimony this May.

Tsepo with lozi and bemba blood running in her, she got emphatic seal of approval as she delivered a wide-ranging variety of sumptuous meals to the groom’s family.

It was all merry and joy for the two families being united in matrimony as King’s Malembe Malembe was at hand with his thrilling rhumba-inspired gospel tunes spiced by captivating choreography.

Notable among attendees were Kabwe Mayor Patrick Chishala, Nkana Constituency member of parliament Binwell Mpundu, Sydney Mushanga for Bwacha Constituency and prominent businessman Stanley Kasengo among many other friends in both social and political circles.

Kalemba April 1, 2024


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