MARCH MUSIC MADNESS: fans split over Yo Maps, Chile again


MARCH is about to end with a bang as various artistes have lined up new releases leaving fans spoiled for choice.

However, keyboard warriors have already pitched their tents and picked camps, with their itchy fingers ready to type, comment and share the artiste they are rooting for.

Following the release date, Social media has now pitted Yo Maps and Chile One in a competition once more.

Musical sensations, Elton Mulenga aka Yo Maps and Obed Bwalya Chileshe alias Chile One Mr Zambia yesterday stormed Social Media after they announced the release of their new music and video acts which are scheduled for release barely 24:00 hours apart.

Yo Maps, first began with his announcement in which he said that he would be releasing both new audio and video on March 29, 2024.

And following his post, retired but active musician, Macky 2 also took it on his social media to warn all artists from dropping any songs or videos on that date or the next 30 days as those days were not safe because Yo Maps was back.

However, Chile One dropped a bomb announcing through his Facebook page that he will also be releasing a new music video the next day.

Chile One’s post raised a lot of eye brows from most Social media users and fans who came out with both negative and positive comments for him, some advised him to quit competing with Yo Maps, while some commended his braveness noting that there is enough space for everyone to win.

Meanwhile, other artistes such as Dizomo and Triple M announced an album and a new song release respectively.

Dizmo on March 30, while Triple M is scheduled to drop a new song and video on April 1, 2024.

These announcements from the county’s most celebrated artistes have left most local fans yearning for the month of March to reach its conclusion so they can vibe and dance to the new songs.

While some will be debating on whom to deplete their bundles on, others cannot wait to compare who will deliver best or the worst.

So mark your calendar, stock your bundles and most importantly save your energy as the music stage is just about to blow you.

By Buumba Mwitumwa

Kalemba March 21, 2024


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