From hitmaker to educator: Kaladoshas strikes Chord at American University in Dubai


ZAMBIAN singer, Kalale Masengu aka Kaladoshas, is tuning into a new role beyond the stage as he announces his position as a lecturer at the American University in Dubai.

While his voice has serenaded fans across the country, it appears Kaladoshas is set to use his talents for more than just musical magic; he’s stepping into the world of academia to assist students in skill development.

In a social media announcement that echoed through the digital corridors, Kaladoshas shared a snapshot of his new venture with the caption, “The coolest lecturer on campus. Good morning, my beautiful people,” capturing the attention and curiosity of fans and followers alike.

While the subject of his teachings remains shrouded in mystery, one thing is certain – Kaladoshas is bringing his unique flair to the American University in Dubai.

His journey into academia follows closely on the heels of his academic triumph, having secured a Masters Degree in Project Management from the University of Zambia last year.

As the beats of his songs resonate with audiences, it seems Kaladoshas is ready to strike a different chord in the educational realm.

By Moses Makwaya

Kalemba November 29, 2023



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