GUEST ARTICLE: Police security tips as weekend commences


By Rae Hamoonga

  1. When parking at a mall or any other place, scan around to see who is also parked nearby, what type of vehicle they are driving and whether it has tinted windows. If there is one or more (especially males) sited in or around that vehicle, better consider moving away and park elsewhere.
  2. ⁠Never leave any visible items in the vehicle even if they may be empty bags or envelopes. Always clear the vehicle of any items that can attract criminals.
  3. ⁠Never combine trips to withdraw moneys from the bank with lesser important activities such as buying water or lunch at a restaurant. Better start with the less important one so that the moment you withdraw money, you just speed off to your final destination without having to stop anywhere else.
  4. ⁠Avoid leaving laptops in the vehicle even if it is at a funeral house. Criminals use gadgets to detect electronics with lithium batteries and so no amount of hiding will serve it.
  5. ⁠Avoid removing things after parking and hiding them in the boot or backseat when there are people or other cars with people observing you.
  6. ⁠Make it a habit to have an abrupt return to your car if possible and make sure you park at busy points such as exit or entry points into a mall where traffic of people will reduce the chance of thieves breaking into your car.

I wish you a crime free weekend!

Kalemba March 2, 2024


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