Remembering George Kunda


By Howard Kunda

George Kunda SC: A Legacy

My dear fellow Zambians, today, we commemorate the 11th anniversary of the passing of one of our nation’s greatest sons, the late former Republican Vice President, George Kunda SC who was popular known as GK. He was a man of integrity and a true disciple of morality. Born in 1956 to a hardworking miner who migrated from Serenje district in search of better opportunities, GK excelled academically and emerged as the top graduate with distinction in Law from the University of Zambia.

He started his service to the people as an employee at the Luanshya Municipal Council, but his passion for law led him to establish his law firm, George Kunda and Company, in 1990. His legal expertise and exceptional work ethic earned him the position of President of the Law Association of Zambia (LAZ) in 1996, a tenure that has been described as the golden age of the Association due to the fearless leadership of his Executive, which called out the government when it erred.

For this reason, GK was appointed as one of the first 8 Nominated Members of Parliament by then Republican President Levy Mwanawasa (MHSRIP). President Mwanawasa then appointed him as Minister of Justice and Attorney General, where he openly differed with the president on principles. Despite their differences, President Mwanawasa never removed him from office, and GK was even reappointed as Justice Minister in 2006.

As Vice President to President Rupiah Banda, GK continued to display exceptional leadership by refusing to practice petty politics as Leader of Government Business in Parliament.

GK’s service to his country was one of great magnitude, and his legacy lives on. As his son, I strive to carry on my father’s legacy of morality and integrity. As we commemorate GK’s life and service, let us all strive to serve our country with the same values and principles. May his soul continue to rest in eternal peace.

Thank you, and God bless Zambia.



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