Court delays bail ruling for Munir


LUMEZI member of parliament Munir Zulu had his stay in custody extended by the Lusaka magistrates court as resident magistrate Faidess Hamaundu needed more time to read up on a law report cited by his lawyer before granting him bail.

In this case the 36 year-old Zulu is charged with three counts of seditious practices.

It is alleged that Zulu between May 25 and May 27, 2024 accused President Hakainde Hichilema of instructing the Inspector general of police and the Minister of Home affairs and Internal Security to wipe him out together with others unknown, to raise discontent or disaffection among the people of Zambia.

Zulu is said to have declared Eastern province a no go area and danger zone for Southerners in attempts to promote feelings of ill will or hostility between dillerent communities or different parts of a community.

He said in an event that he was killed, his offspring would avenge his death, claiming that an attack on him was an attack on everyone.

This statement was allegedly intended to stir up discontent or dissatisfaction among the Zambian people.

Zulu who made the utterances in protestation of the mysterious vanishing of his best friend, Petauke Central member of parliament Emanuel Jay Banda, denied having committed the alleged offenses.

His lawyer Mcqueen Zaza asked the Court to grant him bail pending trial as he (Zulu) was of fixed abode and capable of raising sureties.

Zaza said there was no likelihood of Zulu interfering with witnesses or committing a similar offense citing a law report of Oliver John Irwin vs The People 1993-1994.

“Your honour the case of Oliver John Irwin vs The people 1993-1994 page 54 gives us an indication on what the court should look at when granting bail pending trial. The court should look at the nature of the accusation, nature of the evidence the independence of the accused,” he said.

“The accused person has been incarcerated for 10 days without being allowed to seek services of counsel with very restricted gateway for the wife to access him or give him food. That already is prejudice, what more if bail is not granted?”

State prosecutor Georgina Daka opposed the application saying Zulu was an influential person who abuses social media.

She said his utterances were capable of alarming the nation’s security.

Zaza said there’s no law that stops the granting of bail to influential people.

“With my sister failing to oppose to my bail application, I wish to ask again that with your leniency, you consider granting the accused bail pending trial,” said Zaza.

Magistrate Hamaundu said she would adjourn the matter to today to read through the case cited.

She ordered that Zulu remains remanded in police custody.

By Mwaka Ndawa

Kalemba June 5, 2024.


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