Matero Local Court jails vulgar mother and daughter


A VULGAR elderly woman of Lusaka has been sent to jail together with her equally insultious daughter after they almost perforated the ear drums of Matero Local Court Magistrate Harriet Bwalya with Nkana Stadium insults.

The revered Local Court official along with her assistants found themselves on the receiving end of Kitwe-generated insults after she ordered Olipa Nampumba to compensate Martha Musonda with K5,000 for verbal abuse.

Before the judgement, the court heard that trouble began when Martha approached her husband’s side chick, Olipa, to persuade her to end the relationship.

Martha told the court that Olipa responded with insults, describing her private parts along with those of her family members more accurately than a gynaecologist.

This angered Martha who then dragged her assistant wife, Olipa to the Matero Local Court for compensation.

But once judgement was passed yesterday which oreded Olipa to pay K5,000 plus spend a day in jail, her mother Prisca Mweshi jumped to her fit in defence of her daughter.

Without any regard to the court proceedings, Prisca objected to the judgement saying her daughter had done nothing wrong.

When attempts to calm her down and respect the court failed, Magistrate Mulenga ordered that Prisca also be detained along with het daughter for contempt of court.

Following the pronouncement, mother and daughter formed a vulgar tag team and baptised the entire court in insults as court officials struggled to handcuff and lead them away.

After close to 20 minutes, mother and daughter were successfully handcuffed and led away to jail where they will be for at least two weeks.

CAPTION: Prisca and Olipa going to jail for insults

By Buumba Mwitumwa

Kalemba February 29, 2024



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