Gold scam Egyptian wants to quizz DEC officer


EGYPTIAN involved the gold scandal at Kenneth Kaunda International Airport last August Michael Adel Michel Botros has asked the Economic and Financial Crimes Court to allow him cross examine DEC investigations officer Martin Chitamba to test the veracity of his evidence.

Botros says Chitamba’s evidence is based on hearsay hence he needs to be cross examined.

In this matter, the Director of Public Prosecutions has moved a motion before the Economic and Financial Crimes Court to have Global Express T7-WSS JET, money, fire arm and minerals which it contained, confiscated on reasons that the same were tainted for having been used to commit a crime.

The DPP has cited World Aviation Sinai International, Mountains Limited, IBIS Air (PTY) Limited and Micheal Adel Michel Botros as interested parties in the matter.

According to skeleton arguments in support of notice of intention to cross examine deponent Botros said in an instance where an affidavit contains hearsay evidence the court has the discretionary power to order that the deponent of the affidavit be cross-examined .

He said this will allow the truthfulness of the evidence of the deponent to be tested.

“The affidavit deposed to by Chitamba is riddled with speculation and contentious issues that require cross-examination in order to allow the applicant to cross examine the deponent for justice to be fairly dispensed,”said Botros.

By Mwaka Ndawa

Kalemba February 24, 2024.



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