She even thanked me for the massage, Pamodzi masseur tells court


A TAJ Pamodzi Hotel employee accused of sexually assaulting a married woman during a massage has said the client in fact enjoyed the session and even thanked him for the service.

In a submission revealing the erotic details of one particular massage session that has gotten the country’s gossip mill running nonstop, Kenneth Musonda says his labia touching skills had put an ear-to-ear smile on the face of the now complainant, Mwansa Njelesani.

Musonda has denied sexually assaulting Njelesani in a submission before the Lusaka High Court.

He said Njelesani praised him for stroking her lady parts as requested after which they exchanged numbers and she happily aid paid the bill.

The masseur said Njelesani bought a drink which she sipped on and hung back at the Hotel’s foyer for two hours.

In this matter Njelesani has sued the Hotel and its employee Kenneth Musonda for the unauthorized sensuous experience she was subjected to by the masseur.

She claims that whilst professionally fiddling with her body, Musonda wandered off into her cave of joy and caressed her in attempts to make her squirt, causing her rape paralysis after her satisfaction reached saturation.

But in his defense Musonda explained that Njelesani requested for a longer treatment which is deep massage and he assured her that he was equal to the task and would give her a an out this world massage.

He said, he professionally massaged Njelesani and she never protested during the whole session as she was red-hot.

Musonda said the complainant was not stiff as she alleges as she is the one who requested him to add pressure on her lady parts and upon giving her a yoni massage, she became amorous and hungered for his soft touch.

“The Plaintiff was responsive throughout
the massage session and perfectly communicated with the defendant in relation to the pressure applied and the body stretches effected during the session,” Musonda disclosed.

Musonda said he never requested to deep his male organ in Njelesani’s sugar walls to flood it with his genital fluids as alleged by Njelesani.

He said Njelesani expressed gratitude for causing her to almost give him the password to her husband’s account with the ecstatic experience and she paid for the services with a smile.

“I provided her with my mobile phone number on a separate piece of paper. The Plaintiff had normally left the spa facility and went to the lobby of the Hotel where she had ordered a beverage and lingered around there for almost two hours,” Musonda explained.

“The plaintiff did not disclose in the pre-treatment Health Assessment Form that she suffers or has suffered from any sexual related trauma.”

He said he learned about the claims of the sexual assault a moth after the massage session on May 26, 2022 when he was suspended from work by management and told not to step foot at the inn pending investigations and a disciplinary hearing on allegations of sexual assault.

The Masseur said he was cleared of the allegations and his suspension was lifted.

“The plaintiff had also filed a complaint with the Zambia Police Services against the first defendant for indecent and sexual assault which was dismissed for insufficient evidence upon investigation,” said Musonda.

“The first defendant disputes that the plaintiff is entitled to the reliefs sought enumerated in the statement of claim by virtue of which the
plaintiff’s action should be dismissed for being destitute of merit.”

By Mwaka Ndawa

Kalemba February 8, 2024.


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