If I had defiled her, she would have left my house on a wheelbarrow – defendant


A GOVERNMENT tax collector yesterday got people in the gallery of the Chadiza Magistrate Court almost rolling on the ground with laughter after he put up a Shi Mumbi kind of performance while defending himself against a charge of defilement. 

47-year-old tax collector employed by the Chadiza Town Council, Fred Banda denied the defilement charge stating if he committed the attrocity the girl in question would have failed to walk after such an act.

The accused made a controversial statement in court, suggesting that the alleged victim’s ability to walk disproves the defilement claims. 

“If I had defiled her, she would have left my house on a wheelbarrow as she could not walk,” Banda spoke with confidence. 

This remark drew laughter from the courtroom.

He pleaded not guilty to defilement charges against a minor during a recent court appearance.

Banda confirmed being in the presence of the girl at his home on the alleged date (December 1, 2023) but vehemently denied any instances of sexual assault. 

He acknowledged giving the girl money and a drink, claiming it was not the first time he had assisted her and her older sister, treating them “like family” by providing food and entertainment such as watching local dramas on his TV.

Banda expressed surprise at the accusation, stating he only learned about the defilement allegations on December 9, 2023. 

He refuted claims of pressuring the family to drop the charges through mobile money transfers.

Banda faces one count of defilement under Zambian law. 

The Magistrate, Fred Musaka adjourned the case until February 9, 2024, for the delivery of the verdict.

By Jubiel Zulu 

Kalemba February 7, 2024


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