State begs court to keep Pakistani businessman wanted by lnterpol in jail


A PAKISTAN national Wadhat Hussain accused of illegally possessing seven vehicles has faced a challenge in securing his bail as the Anti-Corruption Commission has opposed his application on reasons that he is a flight risk on Interpol alert in three Countries.

Despite his lawyers Nkhula Botha and Emmanuel Phiri putting up spirited arguments before magistrate Trevor Kasanda to have him released pending his trial, ACC assistant legal director Gloria Muyunda insisted that Hussain be remanded in custody as he was not compliant with law enforcement officers.

Wadhat Hussain who is the owner of Star Motors Limited is facing one count of possessing property reasonably suspected to be proceeds of crime.

It is alleged that Wadhat Hussain, between January 1, 2021 and January 27, 2024 possessed motor vehicles namely; a grey Toyota Fortuner chassis number AHTKA3FSJ00207219, white Toyota Hilux chassis number AHTDBCD500272003, BMW X5 chassis number WBAZW42000L460250, White Toyota Fortuner chassis number AHTKA3FS700630777, Land Cruiser Prado VX chassis number WAUZZZFY3K2005759, Black Range Rover registration number CAA 8186 ZM chassis number SALZA2AN6NH171444 and a Maroon Range Rover registration number NOS 7 ZM chassis number SALWAZKE6GA544060 being property reasonably suspected to be proceeds of crime.

The accused pleaded not guilty to the charges.

His lawyers Phiri and Botha asked the Court to admit him to bail as he was of fixed abode and capable of raising sureties.

Phiri said that his client had been in detention since January 28 and was ready to abide by the conditions set by the Court.

However, Muyunda objected saying Hussain was on the wanted list of law enforcers in South Africa and Botswana for alleged human trafficking and money laundering.

“The accused person is Pakistani and has been difficult to comply with officers we regard him as a flight risk and object to the application for bail pending trial,” Muyunda said.

In reply Botha said the State was in possession of the accused’s passport and residence permits and it was not possible for him to flee as he has business investments in Zambia and is of fixed abode.

Muyunda produced Hussain’s interpol personal status which was updated on April 12,2022.
She indicated that she was in possession of his South African passport under the names of Wajid Ahmed.

“This is the passport that he first used to enter Zambia in 2018. We also have his application for the temporary employment permit under the name Ahmed that was applied for on February 20, 2018. We have a copy of a passport that he used to enter Zambia in 2019 under the names Hussain Wadhat. This passport expired on November 27, 2023,” she submitted.

“However, under the same names of Wadhat Hussain, the passport was renewed on June 15, 2023. This is a Pakistani passport. Using this passport, in 2019 on September 18 he applied for an investor’s permit in Zambia and further in 2022, he applied for a resident permit for investor’s permit holders under the name of Wadhat Hussain.”

Muyunda said the accused obtained a pink National registration card 909050/10/2 and applied for a Zambian driver’s licence in 2020.
“The interpol report shows that he goes by name of Hussain Wadhat, Ahmed Wajid, nick name Ali. It shows that he is of Pakistan Nationality with eight different passports from Pakistan and South Africa. The brief facts of the case he is wanted for in South Africa is that he is charged with trafficking human beings,” she emphasized.

She said the accused is wanted for smuggling humans seeking asylum and is also charged with corruption and fraud.

“It has been difficult to apprehend him as we have demonstrated in documents that the accused goes by two different names including a nick name he is popularly known for. He holds eight different passports according to the Interpol report and thats the challenge in apprehending him,” said Muyunda.

Magistrate Kasanda adjourned the case to February 5 for a ruling.

According to sources Hussain is accused of being a car thief in foreign countries.

The source alleged that the accused and his associates steal vehicles in different countries which he sales in Zambia after changing the chasis.

By Mwaka Ndawa

Kalemba February 3, 2024.


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