Chaos as Nakonde suspect paints court with feaces


The Nakonde Magistrate Court was this morning a scene of chaotic scenes as officials, lawyers, police officers and bystanders pitted themselves against each other, running and diving for cover to avoid colliding with flying feaces that were being tossed by a suspect.

Novic Siame, accused of theft and burglary was to have his day in Court yesterday.

But as he was being ushered into the courtroom, Siame seemed to suddenly go insane as he unexpectedly stripped naked all to view upon his hidden assets.

But just when witnesses thought they had seen it all, Siame sparked bedlam and chaos with what he did next.

He put his palms on his exposed rear exhaust pipe, and there, he offloaded gulon upon gulon of processed Nakonde rice, Mbala beans and maize corn which he threw in all directions.

Afraid of coming into contact with foul-smelling fecal matter matter possibly contaminated with the cholera-causing vibrio bacteria, people outran each other as they attempted to put enough distance between themselves and the pooping man.

It is only when Siame had run out of rectum ammunition that a soiled police officer discharged a teargas canister before apprehending him and taking him back to the holding cell.

As Siame was locked up some speculated that he is mentally unstablewhile others suggest that he is trying to avoid trial or get sympathy from the court.

Kalemba January 19, 2024


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