Soldier narrates to court how he located abused child and got his stepmother arrested


A Zambia Army military police officer has narrated to the Lusaka Magistrates Court how he went in search of an abused child at the command of his boss.

Steven Chewe disclosed that the four year old boy said to have been abused by his step mom was locked up in the house when he located him, whilst his step siblings were out and about.

The soldier told magistrate Mutinta Mwenya that Longwe Ngosa, stepmother to the child claimed that he could not play with his step siblings because he was unwell but later became apologetic when he inquired about why the four year old was bandaged on his finger.

In this matter Ngosa is charged with one count of assault on a child.

Chewe narrated that on August 4, 2023 commanding officer captain Bulaya asked him to locate a child within Apollo military camp, whose video interview with his teacher relating to his abuse was circulated on social media.

In the video the teacher showed the boy’s little body covered with countless scars of whip marks which he said were inflicted on him by his “mommy”.

“Our commanding officer showed me a video which was trending on social media. In the video, there was a boy who was being interviewed by a certain teacher. The boss told us to find the boy,” he said.

“We went and found the boy and the mother in the same military camp. When we reached, the husband, staff sergeant Justin Bwalya, was not at home.”

Chewe said he and his colleague Christopher Bwalya who is Longwe’s neighbor went to the latter’s house and were welcomed.

He said they requested to see the boy and immediately he was presented to them they spotted the bandage on his finger which the had earlier seen him with in the video.

“We asked her some questions as to why the boy was sleeping when his friends were playing outside. She (Ngosa) told us that the boy was not feeling well,” said Chewe

“Later on, she requested that the two female neighbors should leave the house and she apologized for what she did.”

However Ngosa objected to Chewe’s submission and clarified that she did not render any apology.

Chewe added that he reported the matter to Macopolo police and Ngosa was later apprehended.

Trial continues on January 24.

By Mwaka Ndawa

Kalemba January 18, 2024.


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