Chadiza duo in hot legal soup for calling uncle wizard


TWO men of Dovu Village in Chadiza, have found themselves in the spotlight, not for a blockbuster film, but for calling their 56 year old uncle a wizard and unleashing a machete-wielding threat.

Levy Kamayi and Dickson Ngoma were sentenced to seven months simple imprisonment or the option to pay K600 each for their offences.

ZANIS reports that the drama started on November 4, last year when a family feud got as tangled as spaghetti when Levy’s mother, Alabeti Banda, accused her elder brother Abiya of cow poisoning and ox-cut theft.

The family drama escalated faster than a Mpali plot twist on Zambezi Magic, when Alabeti went to confront Abiya at his place but could not return back home conscious.

It is reported that after embarrassing her brother from head to tore with all manner of negative local linguistics Alabeti fainted on her way going home.

Her children and grandchildren went into panic and called for help from the neighborhood to try and resuscitate her but their efforts failed and ended up rushing her to Chadiza District Hospital.

This enraged Levy and he took out a machete, threatening Abiya who mimicked Muzala Samukonga in utilising his feet to escape for safety at Zingalume Palace.

As Abiya returned to his house the following morning, he found his Nephew had set it ablaze leaving his home resembling a charcoal briquette.

Luckily, the neighborhood fire brigade intervened before things turned into a full-blown barbecue.

In court, Kamayi defended his fiery actions, blaming it on a mix of anger and concern for his ailing mom.

“When I reached his house and told him to go and see mum at the hospital, uncle Abiya refused and said mum was only going to survive at his mercy,” he testified.

Levy spilled the tea, claiming Abiya had been threatening to evict the family whenever there was a family misunderstanding.

Magistrate Fred Musaka wasn’t buying it. He slapped Kamayi and Ngoma K600 each or in default seven months simple imprisonment for calling and naming an individual a wizard and threatening violence.

He advised them to focus on farming and raising families, not on labeling each other as wizards.

By Jubiel Zulu

Picture Credit: Getty Images

Kalemba January 10, 2023


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