Grade 6 girl insults boyfriend’s aunt who attempted to end their relationship


A madly-in-love Grade 6 girl in the hilly district of Chadiza, Eastern Province has distinguished herself as a skilled composer and employer of Chewa insults with which she baptised the aunt of her young boyfriend who attempted to separate them.

In recognition of her insulting abilities, the 15-year old girl was arrested and arraigned before the Chadiza Magistrate Court where it was proved that she had indeed unleashed a torrent of unprintables on Alina Banda, the aunt of her boyfriend.

According to ZANIS, this saga unfolded on October 14 when Banda, in a bid to salvage her nephew’s academic focus, confronted the young girl intoxicated in love, urging her to give the books more attention than her nephew’s constant company.

But this did not go down well with the girl who responded with insults.

But when brought to court, the young girl vehemently denied insulting the woman, swearing upon every mouse she had eaten in her life while insisting she had gracefully parted ways with Banda’s nephew.

However, Banda testified that her nephew, neglected his school duties due to the girl’s constant demand to be with him.

The familial wisdom fell on deaf ears and blind eyes like the symptoms of love people attribute it to, and the nephew clung to the love affair.

Magistrate Fred Munsaka stated that the court confirmed the insult through recorded mobile phone messages sent via an Airtel line.

The court adjourned the case to December 4, 2023, awaiting a report from the Department of Social Welfare on the juvenile’s education, home background, family’s economic status, counseling, and recommendations for the court.

Kalemba November 30, 2023


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