Sex with daughter earns Lusaka farmer 600 months in jail


A 49-year old farmer of Lusaka who was instructed to have sex with his young daughter as part of a get-rich ritual has instead harvested over 600 months of jail time for himself.

The Lusaka High Court ordered that Rodrick Nyambe be relocated from his dilapidated ramshackle in Linda Compound, to a Zambia Correctional Services facility on account of his disgusting method of wealth accumulation.

Since it said that; “an idle mind is the devil’s workshop”, the court ordered that Nyambe be kept busy with hard labour for the entire 50 years he will be behind bars.

For eight years and with the approvalof his wife, Nyambe had been forcing himself on the couple’s young daughter who in the process became pregnant.

A witchdoctor had told Nyambe that sleeping with his daughter was one of the conditions for the get-rich charms to work on his alcohol selling business.

And so, everytime his wife was away selling alcohol, Nyambe was home doing the unthinkable to his daughter to increase the sales.

“I sat down with my wife Sheilly Namugala and told her that we need to improve our lives and grow our business and I suggested that we see a witch doctor,” Nyambe admitted much to the shock of every one.

He identified the witchdoctor from whom he got the charms as “Mr Kakoli” of Chibombo’s Muchapi village.

“He gave me three herbs to soak in a 2.5 container and instructions were that I should consume the water,” he said.

“I told Mr Kakoli that I wanted a good life, to have more money. Other instructions were that I bury some charms at a hill and I would mysteriously have cattle and the only thing I needed to do was to put up a kraal.”

Nyambe said he continued to sleep with his daughter with the knowledge of his wife and they kept it as a secret for three years.

He said from the time he started sleeping with his daughter he dciced to appoint her as his treasurer for their business.

“My wife and I would ask the victim to give us money for anything we wanted to buy. If my wife wants to take maize to the hammer meal she would ask our daughter,” Nyambe said.

He said his daughter was his fourth and only child whom he fathered with his second wife.

Nyambe indicated that out of the ungodly act he managed to build two bars and a house in Chibombo.

In his mitigation before judge Catherine lombe-Phiri , Nyambe begged the Court for mercy as he had regretted his actions.

In her judgement judge Phiri said that the conviction of Nyambe by the lower court is resonate.

She said the facts of the case were creepy and it was appalling that Nyambe would connive with his wife and subject their biological daughter to sexual abuse for over eight years.

“He even bore a child from the unnatural union. From his own evidence he did this to enrich himself and his family. This is a very sick explanation to give for behavior that can only be described as barbaric,” Judge Phiri said.

“From his disgusting and criminal conduct, the convict has destroyed not only the life of his own daughter but also the life of an innocent child. The stigma that will attach to the life of the child born to him and his daughter will take a lot of effort to normalize. Such resources may not even be available in our society and we leave it only to God to be present in the life of this child. “

She said owing to the repeated sexual abuse for a period of eight years which resulted in the birth of a child. The victims life and that of her child have been shattered.

She said in order to sound a deterrent warning to perverts she would jail Nyambe five decades with effect from the date of arrest.

By Mwaka Ndawa

Kalemba August 15, 2023.


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