Munir Zulu remains detained despite securing bail


DESPITE securing bail for his criminal libel case, Lumezi Constituency member of parliament Munir Zulu will remain detained for being a surety of fugitive Kaizer Zulu!

The 35-year old independent lawmaker with strong links to the former ruling PF has been in detention since Thursday morning when he was apprehended by immigration officers at a lodge in Roma.

This was after the Lusaka Magistrates ordered for his arrest for not coming to provide an explanation why Kaizer, a person for whom he was a surety was not coming to court.

On Friday, Lusaka chief resident magistrate Davies Chibwili revoked Zulu’s bond in case where he is facing criminal libel and fined him K200 for contempt of court.

Zulu had repeatedly absconded from the hearings in which involves his accusations that finance minister Dr Situmbeko Musokotwane and his infrastructure development had been received $250,000 bribes.

Magistrate ordered that Munir be remanded until the conclusion of the case but the law maker applied for bond.

This morning, Magistrates Chibwili granted Munir K200,000 free bail with two working sureties bound in similar conditions but warned that he would not accept drama.

“The accused’s absence at the last instance was partly due to his counsels ill advise as admitted by themselves and given what the accused has gone through, I am of the view that he not only fully appreciates the importance of not attending court but doing so in time,” said magistrate Chibwili.

“It is now clear to him that the consequences of behaving otherwise will be swift and costly on his part I have in accordance with the law decided to exercise my discretion in his favour and will grant him his prayer.”

The court also promised to deal with Zulu’s other surety Mkaika PF member of parliament Peter Phiri who has never appeared before Court since Zulu was arraigned before him for libel.

He directed that Phiri should appear before him on July 14.

After securing bail, Munir’s lawyers sneaked him into Principal resident magistrate Sylvia Munyina’s Court for a return of bench warrant in Kaizer Zulu’s case whose hearing date is next Monday July 18.

To Munir’s disappointment, Magistrate Munyinya had no time for them.

She ordered Munir’s lawyer Jonas Zimba to follow procedure as Kaizer case was not cause listed for today neither was the case record before court.

“I don’t have the record with me, I don’t know what am supposed to do. Counsel do you want me to just listen and write on a piece of paper? You know what is supposed to be done counsel follow the law there are no shortcuts in here,” Magistrate Munyinya told Zimba in refusal to abridge time.

“The matter is not cause listed if the matter has to be called there’s a procedure you have to follow, you can’t plead counsel. Let’s follow procedure.”

By Mwaka Ndawa

Kalemba July 11, 2023


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